Corporate partners

shutterstock_234497830 (2)We need corporate donations to help us deliver our objectives. Without your support, we’re unable to help individuals experience the life-changing benefits that snow sports provides. From improved social, emotional and communication skills to developing their fitness and balance, you’ll be making a huge difference to their lives.

Corporate sponsorSponsorship will provide you with a constant visibility and marketing opportunity. Your logo will appear alongside ours on all of our special events, marketing, website, social media and other publicity material. We can provide you with a Snow Sports Foundation sponsorship plaque or action portraits for you to display in public areas, giving your business a reputation of integrity and community involvement.

Scholarships If you prefer a more personal approach, The Snow Sports Foundation can directly fund an individual child or adult with learning or other disabilities, by way of scholarship in your company name. This could extend to a scholarship that funds a PE ski lesson once a week for an entire class of a special needs school for a school term or more. The scholarship would be awarded following a formal and competitive application process.

Products  We always welcome donations of products that can be auctioned, sold or used for the benefit of The Snow Sports Foundation.

Fundraising – A corporate donation would make a real difference to us. However, if your employees have a hankering for climbing Everest, cycling to Scotland, swimming the channel, or just holding a car boot sale, we’d be delighted if The Snow Sports Foundation were to be considered as beneficiaries.

Services and expertise  Could your company offer any free services that may be of benefit to us?  This could be in the form of print, design, social media, photography, video, training, advice or advertising.

If you would like to help, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.