“Every single day Roni will not put on her shoes or coat when we need to leave the house, nor will she walk out the door without crying, screaming and having a tantrum. Except when we're going skiing; she puts them on immediately; no fuss, no crying, straight out the house. This is unheard of for us.” Shelley, mum to Roni

Welcome to the Snow Sports Foundation

The Snow Sports Foundation (SSF) generates funds to promote and deliver snow sports opportunities, either individually or in groups from schools, colleges or social groups to a range of people with additional needs, mental health challenges, disabilities, financial hardship and social or exceptional circumstances.

This engagement takes place on the slopes of the premier indoor snow centre in Hemel Hempstead and enhances their social, emotional and communication skills, whilst improving fitness, balance, concentration and ultimately, self-confidence.

Learning to ski or snowboard will not only benefit people in the development of their own life skills, it will ultimately enhance their family, school and social environments.

All of this is not possible without your help.